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Tanner Glass will be the Ranger who puts Wayne Simmonds in his place, says Tanner Glass

Alternate headline: "Man made of Glass pledges to teach Wayne Simmonds lesson."

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images

Here's Rangers winger Tanner Glass, speaking with Newsday, saying he's going to be the one to hold Wayne Simmonds responsible on Sunday for the punch that knocked out Ryan McDonagh last week.

"You’ve got to think team first; you’re not taking a penalty," Glass said after Tuesday’s practice at the MSG Training Center. "Then you’ve just got to let him know it’s not going to be tolerated . . . He’ll know.

"He’s a dangerous player . . . He hacks and slashes. He’s been in enough altercations to know that it’s coming. It’s hockey. Everyone knows.

"I know what I’m doing," Glass added. "The older you get, the more fights you’re in, the more you become comfortable with it, I think for me anyway."

TANNER GLASS. The man is literally glass. Does he think he's going to intimidate Wayne Simmonds?Glass should probably take the advice of P.K. Subban: You cannot fight Wayne Simmonds.

(In all seriousness, these guys fought to a draw once before. Pretty good scrap actually.)

Only one question remains: how will Glass get Simmonds to answer the call? Will he cross-check him in the head like McDonagh did? That's a proven way to get Simmonds to start throwing punches at you. Guess we'll see on Sunday.

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