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Flyers vs. Sabres recap: Philly escapes ugly first, then rolls Buffalo by four goals

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And Shayne Gostisbehere extended his point streak.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Wooooo, that was fun. The Flyers played an absolutely terrible first period tonight against the Buffalo Sabres, and then opened the flood gates in the second, scoring four goals en route to a 5-1 victory.

A few fun things happened:

* Shayne Gostisbehere extended his point streak to 10 games, matching Mikael Renberg's Flyers' rookie record. He also holds the longest current point streak in the NHL.

* Steve Mason made FORTY TWO saves, which like ... against the Sabres, should not be friggin necessary. But we'll take it.

* R.J. Umberger scored a goal! Here's that in GIF form:

* And the celebration, my goodness:

* Nick Cousins scored a pretty goal, his NHL first. Here's that:

And that's it. That's plenty, of course. There was some bad stuff, like that first period which we will ignore. And Radko Gudas threw a gross hit late in the game that just should not have happened. But we can talk about that later. Go have a cold one, because the season is short and the wins should be cherished. Do that tonight.

Questions Answered
  1. R.J. Umberger and Jordan Weal are a thing again, apparently. On a line together, even. How do things go for them? GOAL HE SCORED A GOAL
  2. It only took the Flyers one period to get chased off their own ice on Tuesday. Better start tonight? Absolutely not. Luckily, Mason was solid and the Sabres are bad, so this was fine tonight.
  3. The Flyers also took six hooking penalties on Tuesday. Six. That is a lot! I think they should take fewer hooking penalties, and penalties in general. Will they? It was a messy game from a penalty standpoint, but it's never good when you take eight penalties in a game. They took three in the first period alone.
  4. Jack Eichel is good at sports. (At least, he's good at hockey. I don't know if he's good at other sports. He's probably at least decent at them. Wait, why would anyone care if he's good at other sports? We're on a hockey blog, you idiot. Anywho...) He's also a little bit banged up, but is expected to play tonight. Can the Flyers contain him? Eichel played mostly against the Flyers fourth line tonight, which ... I don't know. But it was fine. He obviously didn't hit the score sheet, even if he was a possession winner in the majority of his matchups.
  5. Does Steve Mason bounce back from a rough game on Tuesday? Great game from Mase. Could not ask for more.
Comment of the Night

Are 4 goal leads considered twice as dangerous?

>> PeterSteeleWannabe