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Friday Morning Fly By: [insert ghost emoji here] [insert bear emoji here]

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Rob Carr/Getty Images

* Fun win last night, huh? Umberger goal, Ghost's point streak extended. Good stuff. [BSH]

* Chicago is getting the 2017 draft. [Second City Hockey]

* The Toronto Maple Leafs, who expected to host EVERYTHING in 2017 since it is their centennial year, are fun to laugh at right now. [Eyes On The Prize]

* The Flyers Alumni are pledging a $2 million donation to Snider Hockey for construction of a new hockey rink the City of Philadelphia. [BSH]

* OK, so the Flyers probably didn't call out MDZ for his porn star incident. But it's fun to believe, right? [BSH]

* Oh my goodness, this Travis Konecny goal. Other team literally did not even know it happened. [BSH]

* Dylan Larkin is kind of the shit, as evidenced by his handling of that childhood video of him that went viral. [Winging It In Motown]

* The decision on the Dennis Wideman suspension could take days. [TSN]

* Evgeny Medvedev needs to be in the Flyers' lineup. [The Hockey Writers]

* The NHL redesigned its website and everyone hates it. []