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The NHL store finally has Shayne Gostisbehere jersey t-shirts in stock

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It's been nearly impossible to find Shayne Gostisbehere merchandise lately. There were a few stores that sold t-shirts earlier in the year -- Modell's is one of them -- but they've been out of stock more often than not thus far.

Well, look! They're here! In all sizes!

It's definitely weird to get his shirt or a jersey with a No. 53 on it, considering he's probably going to change that next season. (He wore No. 14 until his time with the Flyers, and obviously that's taken by Sean Couturier in Philly.)

But that's also kind of cool, right? A relic from his rookie year -- maybe even what could become a Calder-winning rookie year. Personally, I'd want to grab one of the third jersey shirts instead of the one above, but those seem even harder to come by. Happy shopping.

Or, you could just buy the Ghost Bear shirt from Philly Phaithful and call it a day, too.

ghost bear

h/t Reddit