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Cooper Marody: Philadelphia Flyers prospect, and musician

The Flyers sixth round pick is a man of many talents.

When Cooper Marody posted 58 points through 52 points in the USHL last season, it was enough to earn him a draft selection. The Philadelphia Flyers took notice, and decided to take a chance on him, selecting him in the sixth round, 158th overall of the 2015 draft.

So far, Marody is holding up his end of the bargain. Now a freshman at the University of Michigan, he has eight goals and 14 points through 21 games so far this season: good for 10th in team scoring; and mind, everyone above him in the scoring list has played more games than him.

Things are looking pretty good on the hockey front. But of course, there's more to people than any one passion, and Marody has given us another side of himself: he's a musician, and he's got a pretty great voice. (The song is really sweet-sounding, too.)

Really, the only thing wrong with the video is it was filmed in portrait mode, not landscape. But we see what we need to see (and hear what we need to hear) - and the Flyers pick has talent.

It takes a lot of guts to share yourself like this, too, so extra props for that. Hopefully we'll get more in the future!