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Mr. Timonen goes to Washington

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Kimmo Timonen, Stanley Cup Champion, made the traditional trek out to the White House to meet the President.


There was one reason to cheer for the Chicago Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup last season: Kimmo Timonen. It was Timonen's last ride in the NHL, and the Philadelphia Flyers traded him both for assets, and for one last shot at glory.

He got it, we were all extremely happy and probably cried a little, he got his day with the Cup, and that was that.

Well, mostly. There was still one other matter of business to take care of: the annual winner's trip to the White House. And Timonen, whose face was pure joy the moment he was passed that Cup, wasn't downplaying the magnitude of the visit.

On the way to The White House. Not a normal Thursday morning. Pretty exciting

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And if Timonen was just excited to go - he was probably pretty excited to be singled out by the President, too.

Yeah, but he won in the end. And he went out a champion. Love you forever Kimmo.