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Sean Couturier skates at practice; Claude Giroux out Tuesday vs. Hurricanes

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One key center is back on the ice, while another remains out.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the good news from Flyers practice this morning: Sean Couturier is on the ice practicing with his teammates.

Whether or not he will be ready to play on Tuesday night in a very big game against Carolina is still a question, but that he's back on the ice is a good sign. The Flyers need him back in the lineup if they want to remain in striking distance of the postseason here as March approaches. For what it's worth, he says today that he feels ready to go.

And then the bad news:

Giroux suffered what we all believe to be a concussion on Friday night against the Canadiens. Here's the play via Sons of Penn ... one that ensures P.K. Subban will forever be booed in Philadelphia.

giroux subban headshot

Yeah but Giroux took a dive though right? I mean that's what irrelevant blogs told me so it has to be true? Idiots.

He'll have four days of rest and we'll see if he can get back in there Thursday night at home against Minnesota.