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The Flyers have the toughest post-trade deadline schedule in the Metropolitan Division

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It's a steep climb to the playoffs for the Flyers without the schedule difficulty.

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Bad news for the Philadelphia Flyers and their playoffs hopes: according to the data below from NHL Network's Matt Sitkoff, the Flyers have the toughest post-trade deadline schedule of any other team in the Metropolitan Division. (He excluded Columbus, because of course.)

That's a little hard to see in that image (you can click it to open it and zoom), so we'll just tell you what's up: the win percentage of the Flyers' opponents the rest of the way (as of March 1, the day after the deadline) is 0.560, easily the toughest of the bunch in the division. Pittsburgh and New Jersey come the closest with opponents' win percentages in the 0.540 range.

The Flyers also have the most number of back-to-back games of any team in the division with six, and they have the second-most number of games against current playoff teams with 14. (The Rangers and Capitals have 15.)

Sitkoff did the same breakdown for the Atlantic Division, which is relevant since the Flyers might battle these teams for wild card positioning. And yep, same deal -- Flyers still have it the hardest in all three categories: opponents' win percentage, back-to-backs, and games remaining against current playoff teams.

It's going to be a steep climb without the added schedule difficulty. The next six games are all at home, and it's when most of the easy opponents are stacked up: Arizona, Calgary, Edmonton and Columbus all in a row. Those might as well be must-win games because it's the easiest the schedule looks until year's end.