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Michael Raffl does not give in to peer pressure, refuses to dance to Mambo No. 5 on camera

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"You just ruined it." "Okay."

Things could be going better for the Philadelphia Flyers. Playoffs do not appear to be in the cards. Shayne Gostisbehere's point streak ended. Michael Del Zotto is done for the year.

But at least there will always be one ever-present ray of sunshine: Stall Talk with Del Zotto.

Stall Talk debuted well with Claude Giroux as the inaugural guest, but the second episode took Del Zotto's series to new levels. Hopefully he isn't so injured that he can't keep reaching new heights, because he's set a whole new standard.

In episode two, Del Zotto had Michael Raffl and Scott Laughton on, and between the return of emphatic love for round tables at restaurants, and the newly evident love for Sam Gagner, it was amazing to watch.

Of course Del Zotto had to kick things off with an analysis of DJ MDZ, which Raffl shot down, citing that he was good to start with, but apparently, he got a little too full of himself and started coasting. Stay humble, DJ MDZ.

Laughton, meanwhile, evidently cannot keep track of time. He's been listening to the same song for weeks on end, and he mixed up going to a restaurant with Raffl "the other week" for the reality: "two months ago".

But by far, the best part was Mambo No. 5.

Del Zotto brought up Raffl's love for Lou Bega, and then actually dug out his phone to start playing Mambo No. 5 and dancing along to it - but Raffl would not give in, instead criticizing Del Zotto's dance moves. Laughton gave it a try. There was a special guest appearance by Giroux, who is apparently an associate producer now, trying to dance to it while squating on the floor.

And Raffl just got up and left. I identify most with him.

I'm not sure if Stall Talk will be able to top this episode, but I look forward to Del Zotto trying.