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Watch Shayne Gostisbehere's entire point streak in this one video

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15 games, 18 points. It's basically a porno.

Shayne Gostisbehere's point streak ended at 15 games on Tuesday night in Carolina. It had to end eventually, and overall it was absurdly fun and extremely impressive. He wound up with 18 points in those 15 games, and thanks to Joe Doughtwe can now watch all of those points in about five minutes:

Here's the streak by the numbers:

  • Number of points that tied the game: 3 goals
  • Number of points that gave Flyers the lead: 2 goals (one OT), 6 assists (one OT)
  • Number of points that gave the Flyers a two-goal lead: 3 assists
  • Number of points that pulled the Flyers within a goal: 2 assists
  • Number of points that were totally meaningless: 2 assists

Out of 18 points, only two of them were in games that were totally out of hand. He impacted two games directly with OT winners, and he helped give the Flyers a lead a total of eight times. That's just really impressive stuff, in case you weren't already completely enthralled with Ghost.