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NHL trade deadline 2016: Complete coverage of Flyers news, rumors, deals, and discussion

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It's deadline day! Follow along with us here.

The 2016 NHL trade deadline is today at 3 p.m. ET, and it certainly looks as though the Flyers will not be adding pieces here at the deadline. Instead, they're probably working the phones to shed some of their dead weight.

Over the last week or so, we've taken deep looks at each of the guys the Flyers could opt to trade. Click below for each of those profiles to catch yourself up here on deadline day, or see them all here.

One guy who won't be going anywhere is Michael Raffl. The Flyers signed him to a three-year contract extension on Sunday, a move that we noted was a shrewd one by Ron Hextall.

Up to the minute Flyers news via Twitter

What do you hope the Flyers do today? Join our live trade deadline discussion in the comments below, and stress out with us all the way through 3 p.m. ET and beyond.