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Happy 9th birthday, Simon Gagne!

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He's accomplished a lot for a man who has only had nine birthdays.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Today's going to be a crazy day. The Philadelphia Flyers are playing a game tonight, and it also just so happens to be trade deadline day, which means some of them may no longer be here when the time comes to drop the puck.

But before all the chaos, let's taken a moment to remember one of the Flyers' best - because it's Simon Gagne's birthday!

Nine birthdays is a lot for someone who spent 11 years playing for the Flyers, isn't it?

There have been just nine NHL players who have been born on Feb. 29. After Henri Richard, Gagne is the highest scoring with 601 points (Richard had 1046, but he also played like 50 years earlier, so scoring was done a bit more back then), making him one of the prolific, and also best, Leap Day players ever. And rightfully so.