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Wednesday Morning Fly By: Meaningless boos are meaningless.

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

*First game back from the break and the Flyers won hooray!! RECAP!

*Bad news: Michal Neuvirth will be out of the lineup for a bit with a lower body injury. [BSH]

*It's a big month for the Flyers. Either going to do some stuff or end up well out of the race. Let's go. [Inquirer]

*The Flyers have had quite a lot of "next great starting goaltenders" over the course of their history. [Pattison Ave]

*We're still mid-season checking things; this time, our over/under predictions made at the start of the season. [BSH]

*So what can we do with Scott Laughton? [Sons of Penn]

*The Flyers alumni will be playing a game this Friday and the rosters are stacked with some really fun names. [Flyers]

*The snowed-out Islanders game has finally been rescheduled. [BSH]

*The Phantoms have made themselves quite a little home in the Lehigh Valley. [CSN Philly]

*Finally, a Mike Richards article that is actually worth reading. [Daily News]

*A few mid-season awards from the numbers-inclined. [Hockey Graphs]

*How are we liking overtime and coach's challenges so far? [Puck Daddy]

*The NHL has tried quite a few All-Star game formats over the last several years. Which was best? [CBS Sports]

*Speaking of All-Stars, this in-depth chat with John Scott is, of course, worth the read. [Sports Illustrated]

*Wait someone thinks Goon is the greatest hockey movie ever? [St. Louis Game Time]

*And finally, here's Salem County Native Johnny Gaudreau, in his own words. [The Players' Tribune]