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Claude Giroux knows how to celebrate a win

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O Captain! My Captain!

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Flyers returned from the All-Star Break with a bang. Of course, it helps they were playing against the Montreal Canadiens, who have only won once in their last nine games - and that one victory was over the Maple Leafs, so does it really count? - but that doesn't take away from Wayne Simmonds' two-goal game (Simmonds has a habit of back-to-back multi-goal home games), or the other two goals scored in the 4-2 win.

Claude Giroux only registered one assist, but he was second in shots on net for the Flyers with four (... Simmonds had eight, because he is a man on a mission, and also very, very good). That, and he played 24:10, the most out of everybody on the Flyers, so he deserves to celebrate the win.

And celebrate he did.

Foam rollers are good. Oh, and Heineken, as adults of legal age are probably wont to do. That too.

Claude Giroux is the best.