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Steve Mason got a new mask

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In addition to the bulldog on top, he's got his teammates decorating the sides.

The nice thing about being a goalie is, because you're getting vulcanized disks of rubber shot at you at very high speeds, you get to wear extra protection. And while there may be a lot of nonsense going around but goalie's pads being too big, at least there's one thing you can never take from a goalie: his mask.

It's the only place a hockey player can get truly artsy (well, they can do something nice with their pads, too, but most tend to not) and express themselves, the city they play for... and their teammates, as Steve Mason is wont to do.

To that end, he's got a new mask!

The Philadelphia Flyers logo on the top has been replaced with his bulldog, and the sides are now decorated with his current teammates: Claude Giroux, Wayne Simmonds, Jakub Voracek, and more.

That's pretty awesome. Hopefully nobody on his mask gets traded, or that could get a little awkward.