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Claude Giroux wants to celebrate his goal with the Nashville Predators

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G doesn't discriminate. Celebrate with your team, celebrate with the opposition, just celebrate!

Elsa/Getty Images

When Claude Giroux scored his 15th of the season to put the Philadelphia Flyers up 4-1 over the Nashville Predators, he was really excited. Of course he was excited - everyone loves to score goals! - and so, he wanted to share the love with his teammates.

And the opposition. He also wanted to share the love with the opposition.

Thank you so much, Brendan, for capturing this beautiful, magical moment, and adding to the annals of Giroux's greatness.

It looks like poor rookie Viktor Arvidsson got caught in the celebration crossfire, and G just wanted to share the love. As he's trying to get away, Jakub Voracek tries to bring him back into the pile to celebrate, but alas - Arvidsson makes his escape, and Giroux and Voracek are left to celebrate with only their teammates, like normal people.

What a beautiful moment.