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The dream is real: Flyers, Penguins to finally play outside ... twice?

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A deal couldn't be had for a neutral site game at Penn State, so one game in each city will have to do. I guess that's fine.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The dream is finally coming true. Flyers. Penguins. Outside. Twice???

Thats the report from ESPN's Scott Burnside tonight, confirmed by others. The Penguins are likely to host the Flyers in an outdoor game in 2017, perhaps the Winter Classic, and the following season Pittsburgh will return the favor with a game in Philadelphia.

This is going to be incredible.

The one big question: what happened to the Penn State option? That was truly the dream, but apparently the University just wanted too much money for use of Beaver Stadium. The Flyers had confirmed interest in the PSU option as recently as last year.

So this will do, I guess. No word on exactly which venues will host the games, or which dates. But the NHL favors football stadia against baseball -- more seats, and more money. So don't be shocked if we get a Heinz Field game and a Lincoln Financial Field game, if the NFL schedule and the two football teams cooperate.

Gonna be fun when the Flyers win both of these games, huh?