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The Anaheim Ducks think the Philadelphia Flyers own the Consol Energy Center

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Well, they're not WRONG... but technically, that isn't Philly's home rink.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Tonight, the Anaheim Ducks are in Philadelphia to take on the Philadelphia Flyers. They're coming off of a rather not-good 6-2 loss in Pittsburgh from the day before, so their being a bit dazed and confused is a bit understandable (and hopefully advantageous to the Flyers tonight).

See if you can spot what's wrong with this picture, from the Ducks' very own Instagram:

Bringing the to the City of Brotherly Love. #LetsGoDucks

A photo posted by Anaheim Ducks (@anaheimducks) on

Claude Giroux and Nate Thompson are both active players for their respective teams, so so far, so good. The Ducks are, indeed, at the Flyers, and 4 p.m. Pacific is 7 p.m. Eastern, so everything's still correct. I'm not going to judge how Anaheim fans can follow the game, but then-- oh.

Consol Energy Center.

That's the Penguins' home. Nevermind that the Flyers are 13-3-1 there since it opened, that's still technically the Penguins' home... and tonight's game will be at the Wells Fargo Center, the Flyers' actual home.

Still, we shouldn't be ones to turn down a compliment. Thanks, Anaheim!