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Here's the Flyers 50th anniversary logo, and a tiny glimpse at their new third jersey

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2017 will be a celebration.

The Flyers are celebrating their 50th anniversary today, and with it announced a number of ways they'll recognize the big year in 2017. For starters, they released their 50th anniversary logo -- just as the Blues and Penguins, two teams also celebrating the big day today, did earlier in the afternoon.

They also gave a sneak peek at the special third jersey they'll wear next season. (Yes, it will replace the current third jersey which dates back to the 2012 Winter Classic.) We shared news back in December that this was coming. Here's the first glimpse. It's orange, although certainly a deeper orange than we are currently used to. It actually looks a lot more like the orange the team wore back in the 1990s.

(Sorry for the ugly, weird embedded video. The new is horrible and you can blame them.)

Some other details on the anniversary:

  • There will be a Flyers vs. Penguins Alumni Game in 2017 at the Wells Fargo Center. No further details on that yet, but we wouldn't be shocked if it tied in with the reported outdoor game between the two clubs.
  • All full season ticket holders will get one third jersey per account, which is a clever way to get new people to sign up for season ticket memberships.
  • There will be five "heritage nights" in 2016-17: Captains Night, Tough Guys Night, Goalies Night and Playoff Heroes Night.
  • On opening night, the team will honor all those who have been inducted into the team's Hall of Fame.