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Daaaaaamn, Jakub Voracek just dunked on Charlie

That's right: our very own Charlie O'Connor got owned online. By Jakub Voracek.

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

Today, a glorious thing happened: Jakub Voracek took to Twitter and laid the smackdown on Charlie.

Let's start at the beginning. This morning, Charlie wrote a piece wondering just what would happen to the Flyers' lineup when Voracek was ready to return. It'll be soon, so it's a legitimate topic of discussion right now.

Of course, @NHLFlyera brought up a good point:

The Flyers are on a two-game winning streak, and they've outscored their opponents 10-2 over that time, so yeah, why mess with a good thing?

Charlie had an answer.

And that's when things got good.

Enter: Jakub Voracek himself.

IT GOT REAL. Voracek put himself in the narrative as only Voracek can: abruptly and with a lot of passion and a bit of swearing. (Though he didn't censor himself this time! Jake, there are children on Twitter!!)

All over the replies, people are mad at Charlie. That's a very public callout, and of course, everyone loves Voracek, so everyone's going to leap to his defense.

Fortunately, though, everything got sorted out in the end:

See? We're all friends here! Very sarcastic friends.

... Well, hopefully Voracek has a fun day in the corner. It's day three of three with no Flyers hockey to speak of, but we're managing just fine. Voracek for MVP.