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Jakub Voracek will not play in Tuesday's big game against the Red Wings

The Flyers will be without Jake Voracek again.

St Louis Blues v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Flyers are 5-1-1 without Jakub Voracek in the lineup, so it's not as if they absolutely need him to beat the Detroit Red Wings in a game with huge playoff implications on Tuesday.

But he is one of their best offensive players, and he'd make a team that's playing elite-level hockey even better, and therefore it is quite sad that he will miss Tuesday game due to his ongoing lower-body injury. He says, in fact, that there's "no chance" he plays.

He didn't skate with teammates at practice on Monday morning in Voorhees, instead skating on his own afterward. The question then becomes when he will return.

The Flyers are in Chicago on Wednesday night against the Blackhawks, and since he's still not skating with his teammates today at their final practice before those two game days, it's not a stretch to say he'll miss Wednesday as well. Attention then turns to Saturday, when the Flyers host the Penguins for an afternoon game. We'll cross our fingers.

As for what happens to the lineup when he returns, we discussed a few options here.