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Jakub Voracek has the best Twitter

Between dunking on fools and only occasionally censoring himself, Voracek's online presence can't be beat.

I would also like to fist bump Voracek for his success on Twitter dot com.
I would also like to fist bump Voracek for his success on Twitter dot com.
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Perhaps it's because of his injury, but Jakub Voracek seems to be online a bit more often these days. Sure, he's tweeted before - and while they've mostly been promoting charitable events, occasional commentary sneaks through - but while he's been on the shelf, Jake has been on fire.

We all know how he dunked on Charlie mere days ago, but he's gotten other people, too. People not as lucky as Charlie; guys who weren't joking around and have, uh, had to resort to locking their twitter accounts because of it. But hey, come at the king, you best not miss.

This is the latest poor soul to miss.

We can't see the tweet he's replying to anymore because the account was locked, but basically, a Penguins fan was mocking Voracek's production this season, laughing at how he gets paid $8 million a year, while Matt Cullen doesn't even make $1 million and is scoring game winners.

Voracek's response? His cap hit this season is a mere $4.25 million, try again, bye Pens fan.

And of course, when talking about how great Voracek's Twitter account is, I have to call back to these two tweets following back-to-back wins over the Tampa Bay Lightning:

If only the Flyers had beaten the Panthers, we could have gotten another one.

But with Voracek not playing in what's going to be a huge game against the Detroit Red Wings, hopefully his teammates can pull out another win - and we can get another "What a f****** game!!!!!!!" tweet from him. It'd be a nice silver lining to not having Voracek on the ice.

Especially because if it is another f****** game, that means two more points - plenty of cause for both Jake and us to celebrate.

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