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Ryan White wins Michael Del Zotto a stuffed panda, rides a carousel

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Episode 3 of Stall Talk is here! Except it's not in a stall.

Stall Talk, my favorite thing in the world, is back with its third episode. The ante has been upped a bit this time, as it doesn't even take place in a stall. Rather, the third episode was filmed at the Flyers Wives Carnival, in which Michael Del Zotto and his guest, Ryan White, go for a couple of spins on the carousel.

In this episode, the previous staple of talking about how great round-table restaurants are is not to be found. DJ MDZ returns, though, with Del Zotto concerned about the state of music in the dressing room in his absence. And hey - it sounds like he has a fan in White! He misses his spinning.

So who's been controlling the music in the room in DJ MDZ's absence? As soon as White mentions the songs going back to the 80's, Del Zotto pounces on Mark Streit and Nick Schultz, resident old guys.

White offers his own suggestion, though: Brayden Schenn. "Schenner's been playing everything that just got hot in Saskatchewan," he said, "so we're a couple years behind right now."

White's from Manitoba, and Manitoba and Saskatchewan can have a bit of a rivalry going, for clarification. I still wholeheartedly believe this though, Saskatchewan is... different. Very small.

Also, White won Del Zotto a stuffed panda! Del Zotto was offended it wasn't bigger, which is kinda rude. It's a gift dude. He did the best he could! (He actually did, because they had nothing bigger.)

My one complaint about this episode? Serious opportunity missed to not put Associate Producer  Claude Giroux on that horse behind them. The kid behind them that joins them looks nice and all, but where's AP G?