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Friday Morning Fly By: Still thinking about Steve Mason's glove hand.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

*It's an off-day so let's take a deep dive into Radko Gudas' unexpectedly great season. [BSH]

*Ed Snider is not a young man, and the Flyers want to win for him while they still can. [Inquirer]

*Ten things to take away from Wednesday's awesome win against the Capitals. [BSH]

*Speaking of Wednesday's game, the Flyers win mathematically eliminated the last Canadian team from the playoffs. AMERICA BABY! [SB Nation]

*This article argues that the Flyers are a better product than the Sixers, which evidently is a thing that needs arguing? [Daily News]

*Let's take a look at how the Phantoms have been doing over the past month. [Highland Park Hockey]

*In the wake of Nail Yakupov trying to escape Edmonton, DGB looks at five first-overall busts who were traded and what haul they brought it. [The Hockey News]

*It's possible that this season will have no 50 goal or 100 point scorer. [ProHockeyTalk]

*What if you assigned Jack Adams Trophy logic to awarding the Hart? [Sportsnet]

*Adorable old Scots playing ice hockey for fun? Yes please. [BBC]

*And finally, if we learned anything from the slew of league emails released earlier this week its that the NHL is being seriously hindered by old school hockey minds who refuse to adapt. Should probably change that. [The Star]