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Tributes pour in for Ed Snider

There's no doubt the man who founded the Philadelphia Flyers was well-beloved.

There's no denying Ed Snider touched a lot of lives, both directly and indirectly. The man who brought the NHL to Philadelphia was, himself, the Flyers - and his team made the playoffs for him in perfect fashion, defeating the Penguins at home.

It's crushing to think that was only two days ago.

Naturally, the tributes have been coming in left and right for Snider. There has been, of course, the messages from other Philadelphia teams:

To hated rivals, a little less hated in this moment of grieving:

To, of course, the very people who played for him. Both in the past...

... And, of course, today's collection, who will be going into the playoffs in just three days' time, wearing the jersey he made possible.

Each message from the actual people who played for the Flyers seems to have genuine emotion in it.

The phrase "best owner in sports" pops up a couple of times, and there's good reason for that. From longtime Flyers like Kimmo Timonen and even Claude Giroux to newcomers like Sam Gagner and Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, there's an emotional connection here - one that's sure to carry over into the playoffs Snider's team fought so hard to make.

RIP Ed Snider. And of course, as always, go Flyers.