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Thursday Morning Fly By: Get it, boys.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

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Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

*Today is the day. Make a note of what you're wearing because if we win, you're wearing it again on Saturday. This is going to be fun. Here we go, Flyers fans. And guess what? The stats are on our side. [BSH]

*Hey guess what else? Historically, the Capitals are trash in the playoffs. [Sons of Penn]

*These two teams took pretty opposite paths to the playoffs this year. How's that going to affect the series? [CSN Philly]

*Let's take a look at some keys to victory in the first round. [The Hockey Writers]

*Special teams are going to be a huge factor in this series but let's see how the Flyers matched up with the Caps at even strength this year. [BSH]

*Charlie also brings us individual zone entry numbers from the regular season series. [BSH]

*One thing to keep in mind when thinking about the Flyers' season series against the Capitals is that we didn't have Ghost for most of those games. And Ghost changed things. [Sons of Penn]

*Speaking of awesome things, Sean Couturier is going to win a Selke someday. Bank it. [Courier-Post]

*If you like being fair and equitable with your NHL fandom, here's one reason to root for each and every team in the playoffs. [USA Today]

*DGB has posted his first round predictions and he doesn't seem to think the Flyers have a chance in hell. LET THE HATE WASH OVER YOU, BOYS. [Vice Sports]

*And now, the only playoff predictions that matter: ours! [BSH]

*On shots and percentages in the first round. [TSN]

*Does the NHL playoff format need to be changed? [Pro Hockey News]

*Just two former hockey bros, hanging out, making playoff predictions. [The Players' Tribune]

*Super classy move by the Tampa Bay Lightning organization last night as they honored Ed Snider with a moment of silence. [Sons of Penn]

*And finally, one thing to remember this playoff season is that we, Flyers fans, are part of Ed Snider's legacy. So give 'em hell, but keep it classy. [Daily News]