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BSH Radio: How can the Flyers upset the Capitals?

After a prolonged absence from the airwaves, we got together on Wednesday night and talked about the Flyers' playoff series that begins this evening.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It had been too long, but with the playoffs on the horizon, now was about as good of a time as ever for us here at BSH to get back to an old pastime of ours: recording podcasts.

As such, Charlie, Kelly and I got together on Wednesday evening and talked about the Flyers series that of course begins tonight. We talked about how good the Caps are, where the Flyers match up with them pretty well, where the Flyers don't match up with them very well, how the Flyers can win, and what our predictions are in the series. And more! (And we even got in a bit of non-Flyers talk.)

You can listen via the player embedded below. You can also download the episode directly by clicking on the cloud icon on that same player. Hopefully we'll have a long enough playoff run that we get some chances to record even more of these.


Many thanks to our own Al K. for playing producer and helping us pull all of this together.



0:00 - Funky bass music! And intros! We're glad to be back.

1:44 - How much of an underdog are the Flyers in this series?

6:08 - What's an area where the Capitals appear to have an edge over the Flyers but may actually not?

12:05 - What's an area where the Capitals definitely do have an edge over the Flyers?

16:10 - The Caps' top-6 is reeeeeeeeally good. How do the Flyers match up with it? Their regular-season matchups didn't go so well, but how much does it help that Couturier is healthy?

20:20 - What about Shayne Gostisbehere's first playoff action? How does this series line up for him?

23:30 - Do the Flyers have an opening in their bottom-six matching up vs. the Caps' bottom-six? Can the Untouchables be successful in this matchup? Should Hakstol consider breaking them up (not that it'll happen)?

29:00 - What about the third line? High hopes for that group, especially for Sam Gagner in his playoff debut.

31:35 - Quick break from Flyers talk! What other series around the league are we interested in?

38:00 - If not the Flyers, which team winning their series would be the biggest upset of the first round?

44:05 - Who is one player on the Flyers who could -- and may need to -- surprise us (in a good way) in order for the Flyers to win this series?

49:00 - Series predictions!

56:30 - Game 1 predictions!