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Here's the patch the Flyers are wearing for Ed Snider

The Flyers will, in a way, be carrying Snider through the playoffs with them.


The Philadelphia Flyers are one of 16 teams that are playing beyond the regular season. They were the last team to clinch a playoff spot, and did it in emotional fashion: defeating the Pittsburgh Penguins at home as the Wells Fargo Center, unknowingly, said goodbye to team founder Ed Snider.

The team was, apparently, in close contact with Snider as they battled for that final post-season spot, and made sure he knew they got it.

Snider passed away two days later.

Naturally, though, he's staying with the team in another way: via a patch on the jerseys he helped make possible, so his team can carry him through the playoffs with them.

Simple, beautiful, and a perfect fit. There's no doubt they're playing for him. Let's go Flyers.