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Philadelphia Flyers gear up for first home playoff game; remembering Ed Snider

It's going to be an emotional night. Here's to the Flyers utilizing it.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It isn't that the Philadelphia Flyers have had a long playoff drought - it's that this year's run is more special than most. And now, with the series coming back to Philly, it will be up to the Flyers to come out with a win - for themselves, for the city, and especially for Ed Snider.

The first game in Philadelphia - and the first since Snider's passing - is sure to be emotional. Everyone knows this is going to be a big night - and that includes some Washington Capitals players who were once Flyers themselves.

Justin Williams, who still lives in the area during the off-season, has very fond memories of Snider. As he told the Washington Post:

"My first owner in the NHL. Every game he’d come in and shake our hands, win or loss. He was just a genuine guy, loved hockey, seemed like he loved his players just as much. When I got traded from Philly he called me on the phone. Things like that, not every owner does. I’m not quite sure if five percent of the owners do that. I mean, he was certainly one of a kind, and a guy I’m sure will be remembered for years to come. Called me up to say thank you and wished me luck. That doesn’t happen."

Here's to a memorable night - for Ed Snider, his Flyers, and even those who played for him before. But ultimately: go Flyers. Make good use of the building's energy, because there's going to be a lot of it.