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Wells Fargo Center escalator breaks, sends people falling after Flyers win

Edmonton Oilers v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

An escalator carrying fans at the Wells Fargo Center broke after today's Flyers win, sending fans hurdling toward the ground. There were injuries, but it's unclear if any were serious.

Something in the escalator apparently malfunctioned, causing the speed to accelerate. A pile of bodies formed at the bottom as people scurried to get out of the way of those behind them.

Here's a video from reader Meghan McGreevy:

Our own Collin Mehalick was at the bottom of the escalator and saw it happen. He says that there weren't any serious injuries from what he could see, but that several older fans were taken away in wheelchairs in the aftermath.

Here's what reader Tom, who says he was on the escalator, tells us:

I along with my parents and girlfriend were all on board the malfunctioning escalator. We were all but at the top when it started to speed up. It felt as if it just "let go" and it was a very fast, seemingly very long, ride to the bottom. Waiting at the bottom was a pile of fans to trip over and behind us were another group of fans waiting to collapse on top of us. Once at the bottom we were in the middle of a pile of fans with several people hurt including both of my parents. Me and my girlfriend frantically tried to get out of the way and help my parents and another older couple who seemed to get the worse of the fall. Once in first aid there were several people getting checked out. Everything from bruises to possible broken bones. It was a very scary experience and a sad way to end the day after a huge flyers win.

Here are some more eyewitness reports:

It sounds like everybody was mostly OK, but this is about all we know at this point. If you were on the escalator or nearby and can tell us or show us what went down, give us a shout:

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