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Birthday boy Shayne Gostisbehere gives Flyers 1-0 lead in Game 4

Ghost's first playoff goal is definitely a memorable one!

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

When you're a hockey player with a spring birthday, there's no guarantee you'll ever get to play on your day. After all, not everyone gets to play in the spring - and even if you're on one of the teams that makes it into the playoffs, there's no guarantee there's going to be a game on your birthday.

Such is not the case for Shayne Gostisbehere! It's his first season in the NHL, and therefore, the first chance to play on his birthday: April 20. As in today. A must-win game for the Philadelphia Flyers, the team he helped get to the playoffs.

And he kicked it off by giving them hope to stay alive as, in a much more composed Flyers opening, he scored the first goal of the game - and his first playoff goal (and a power play one, at that).


This is the season that gave us Ghost. Hopefully he just made it last a little longer.