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Ed Snider: 'I can't thank the Flyers enough'

According to his son, Ed Snider's last full sentence was in gratuity towards his hockey team.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Following the Philadelphia Flyers' Game 4 win to extend their season, Wells Fargo Center held a celebration of team founder Ed Snider's life. It was a beautiful event to honor and celebrate the legacy of the man who did so much not just for Philadelphia, but for hockey as a whole.

Featured were a lot of speakers, all of whose lives Snider had touched in a profound way. The common theme of hockey ran underneath it all as each speaker took the time to discuss just how much he meant to them - whether he was family, a friend, someone to lean on in tough times, or helped get them get to where they are today - and it's clear he touched a lot of people.

But something that touched Snider himself? His hockey team.

There's absolutely no denying the commitment Snider showed towards the game - and not just how much it touched him, but how much time he put into wanting to share it with others, too.