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Flyers shirt giveaway for Game 6 is pretty much the best thing ever

Thank god there's a Game 6. Otherwise, we wouldn't have gotten these.


Game 3 between the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals started out wonderfully. Following a beautiful tribute to Ed Snider and particularly emotional Lauren Hart rendition of God Bless America, Michael Raffl scored just 57 seconds into the game to give the Flyers their first lead in the series.

And then everything collapsed and was terrible. The Flyers fell apart on the ice; the fans fell apart in the stands, culminating with the throwing of white light-up bracelets handed out before the game.

Enter: every other sports fan ever snarking about Philadelphia sports fans. Because it's only Philadelphia fanbases that act stupidly, right?

Enter: the Flyers themselves taking back the narrative in the best fashion possible.

The Flyers know exactly what they're doing and it is glorious. Wells Fargo PA Announcer Lou Nolan could be heard admonishing the arena for throwing bracelets (and taking a penalty for their team as a result); now, he's on a shirt presenting a classic meme.

Win or lose Game 6, the Flyers certainly know what they're doing going into it.