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Even Brendan Shanahan doesn't agree with Brayden Schenn's suspension

Wise words from the NHL's former disciplinarian.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

From 2011-2014, Brendan worked as the NHL's disciplinarian. He has since left that job for other opportunities; namely, serving as the Toronto Maple Leafs' president. It's been a while since Shanahan handed down a suspension (or recorded a video explaining one), but he was the face of suspensions in the NHL for some time.

This apparently prompted a Flyers fan to tweet at Shanahan, pointing out a perceived bias against Flyers players. Shanhan was gracious enough to respond:

While the original complaint seems to be more geared towards punishing others for the liabilities they take with Flyers players, the desire to free Brayden Schenn from his three-game suspension is still a legitimate one.

Maybe Ron Hextall can enlist Shanahan as backup in the appeals process? I wouldn't want to go up against the two of them together.