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Philadelphia Flyers hold more superlatives; they love each other and it's beautiful

Best bromance is the best award, and Steve Mason might be too pure for this world.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

More Philadelphia Flyers superlatives! They're not as awesome as the originals, but they're from the players' own ballots, so they're still pretty cool.

Part 1 saw a lot of divide amongst the team, particularly as a number of guys (ahem, Jakub Voracek) kept voting for themselves - although we did come close with almost everybody voting Sam Gagner as the team's best comedian. (Michael Raffl broke the streak; shame on him.)

Good news, though: Part 2 sees the Flyers vote two unanimous choices in best bromance, and best laugh. Plus a few others come close. Highlights:

  • For best personality, Steve Mason voted "everyone". This is ADORABLE. Mason is precious and must be protected at all costs. What a guy. He is the best guy.
  • Everyone agrees that Pierre-Edouard Bellemare and Chris VandeVelde have the best bromance, but Bellemare drew a little heart on his ballot! Again: adorable, precious, must be protected at all costs. I love this team.
  • We found Andrew MacDonald's hidden value!
  • So is Michael Del Zotto a good actor, or is it because he's probably the guy on the team who puts the most care into his appearance...?
  • Raffl voting himself for most likely to win an Oscar is my new favorite thing. Although Voracek deferring to his fellow ginger is also a beautiful thing.

Oh man, I hope there's a Part 3; Ghost hasn't won anything yet.