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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Get a grip, Tampa.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

*The Tampa Bay Lightning are doing that dumb thing again where they won't let you sit near the glass if you're wearing Pens apparel. Listen everyone hates the dumb Penguins and their stupid jerseys but hoo boy Tampa if looking Mickey Mouse was the goal congrats, you're killing it. [Sportsnet]

*Simmer! Wayne Simmonds sat down with Coatesy to talk about stuff and oh god I miss Flyers hockey. [Flyers]

*The '15-'16 season reviews continue with the chronically under-appreciated Sean Couturier. [BSH]

*Maybe now is the time for the Flyers to lock up also kind-of under-appreciated Brayden Schenn. [The Hockey Writers]

*In addition to reviewing the season of current Flyers we're also starting to look ahead to the draft by profiling some kids that the Flyers might target. First up: UConn forward Tage Thompson (GOD that's a great name). [BSH]

*The Flyers will play another preseason in game in Allentown next season, this time against those New Jersey Devils. [BSH]

*The Sixers made headlines yesterday after revealing that they're the first North American sports franchise to place advertisements on their jerseys, and the deal they have with StubHub will likely set the stage for other leagues going forward. Namely, no booze ads. [Puck Daddy]

*The Oilers need some defense and have a lot of pieces they can trade to get it. Perhaps a lightly used Andrew MacDonald? [The Hockey News]

*A fired NHLPA consultant has spilled some juicy stuff about the union keeping things from its players. [TSN]