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Looks like Claude Giroux had his surgery

His crutches are almost as thick as his legs!

Claude Giroux had a pretty strong season overall, but it faltered towards the end - and especially in the playoffs, when he only posted one assist through six games. For a guy who's been over a point per game in the playoffs prior to this year's first round series, it was definitely abnormal, and we eventually learned why: he required surgery for hip and abdominal injuries.

That surgery was scheduled to take place today, and sure enough, it looks like it's over and done with, via an Instagram post from his girlfriend:

Bustin out

A photo posted by Ryanne Breton (@ryannehaileyb) on

Nice hoodie, stylin' crutches, really skinny legs there, G. Here's to a smooth recovery, which is expected to take 10-12 weeks, over the summer, and being totally fresh and ready to go for training camp.

(And no - have yet to spot any pictures of Shayne Gostisbehere post-surgery, though his probably also went well.)