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Sometimes you just need to watch Michal Neuvirth kicking a puck

It's applicable to so many things in our lives.

The off-season is boring. Winning a couple of playoff games in the first round was undeniably awesome, but once the Philadelphia Flyers were eliminated, it's been like... well, now what?

The draft is still another month away. Free agency a little after that. And then it's going to be the long, boring summer, and hoo, boy, that's going to be a chore to get through while we wait for the World Cup of Hockey and training camp and then, you know, the actual season to get started.

So here's Michal Neuvirth kicking a puck.

There's nothing particular special bout this. It was just at a non-descript, every day practice. It just happened to get caught on video, and it's kind of funny, so I made a GIF of it.

michal neuvirth kicking a puck crop

It's Monday? Bleh.

The Flyers still aren't playing hockey yet? Gross.

This is what the Lightning are en route to doing to the Penguins? Nice!

Neuvirth kicking a puck is just a little ray of sunshine in all our lives.