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Tuesday Morning Fly By: In which we laugh at the misfortune of others.

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

*The Flyers can learn a thing or two from the teams that have reached the conference finals. Namely, what they need to do to reach peak success. [Sons of Penn]

*Will the Flyers have a difficult choice at the upcoming draft? [Inquirer]

*Speaking of, let's take another look at a potential draftee; this time it's Calgary Hitmen defenseman Jake Bean. [BSH]

*There's a whole lot of stuff going on in the AHL right now, including a ton of coaching changes. [Highland Park Hockey]

*If this year's World Championship proved anything, it's that USA hockey is having a hard time getting its best players to agree to play in the tournament. [USA Today]

*So what really is best for a prospect goaltender: playing a lot in the AHL, or playing a little in the NHL? [The Hockey News]

*Sidney Crosby: terrible leader. Lol Pens. [Sporting News]

*DGB wraps up the weekend action with an important comparison of noted wrestling villain Shawn Michaels and noted wonderful human being Phil Kessel. [Vice Sports]

*Kick it, Neuvirth! [BSH]

*And finally, dear Wells Fargo Center: please do this. It's the coolest. [Nerdist]