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Doin' joga, missin' the Flyers: Michael Del Zotto's off-season adventures

MDZ is keeping busy this off-season.

Michael Del Zotto hasn't played hockey since February. Sure, he still got to be around his team while they were making their playoff push - and were actually in the playoffs - but he hasn't gotten to actually play in some time. His off-season kind of started ahead of everyone else's.

And then the actual off-season struck the rest of the Flyers, and as such, everyone has had to keep busy.

Nobody keeps busy like Del Zotto does, though. So far, he has pretended to get married and hanged out with some parrots. One of these activities involved a shirt. The other did not.

Here's some more shirtless Del Zotto for you: he's practicing joga, aka yoga for jocks.

Great stretch to finish class 1 of summer @jogajana. #jogaguy

A photo posted by Michael Del Zotto (@mdzofficial) on

I couldn't think of anything more Michael Del Zotto if I tried.

Modeling, parrots, and joga isn't all Del Zotto is up to, though: he also misses, you know, actual hockey. And the Flyers!

Is it October yet? #doublebubble

A photo posted by Michael Del Zotto (@mdzofficial) on

Sadly, it is not October yet. We're still a little over four months away from that. But it's the thought that counts - and we're just as eager as Del Zotto is to get right back to it.