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Jakob Chychrun has familial roots with the Flyers

One of the top-ranked defensemen of this year's draft knows the Flyers all too well - they drafted his dad, too.

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Jeff Chychrun was a 6'4, 215 lb. defenseman who the Philadelphia Flyers selected in the second round, 37th overall, of the 1984 NHL draft. The Flyers didn't have a first round pick that year, but they had three second rounders - and Chychrun was their third selection.

He played 199 games with the Flyers, amassing three goals, 20 points, and - wait for it - 608 penalty minutes from 1986-1991. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Why are we revisiting Chychrun? Because his son, Jakob, is projected to be one of the top defensemen of this draft. The Flyers have the 18th overall pick, so he might go a little too early for them - but that doesn't mean they aren't talking to him, as Chychrun detailed in his blog.

My final interview on Monday was with the Philadelphia Flyers. It was special to be interviewed by the team that drafted my dad. He played five seasons for the Flyers and played with Flyers general manager Ron Hextall, so it was a special team for sure to be in there talking to the guys that really know my dad.

I thought the interview with Philadelphia went well. It's a good group of guys in that room. In addition to Hextall, Rick Pracey, a Flyers amateur scout, was also there, and he asked a majority of the questions. Dennis Patterson, who actually was the scout that drafted my dad in the second round in 1984, was there as well. That was very special and it's something I'll never forget.

That must have been an unbelievably cool experience for him - and even if he isn't added to the Flyers' increasingly-impressive defense corps, he'll always have that connection to his dad's team.