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The Flyers just gave Bobby Clarke's number to Justin Bieber

Not ok.

via @WellsFargoCtr

Justin Bieber has this thing. See, he's Canadian, and Canadians like hockey. So when he goes to an NHL city on his current tour, he tends to get on stage in the jersey of the local team. It will apparently be no different when he plays two shows at Wells Fargo Center this weekend, because the Flyers are enabling with the jersey you see above.

Generally speaking, this is fine. I mean ... this happened last time he was in Philly, too. He's worn a Flyers hat in a picture before. It's fine. Whatever.

And also, have you heard Bieber's new shit? It's great. I'm sorry, but it's great. The guy still kinda sucks -- did you hear about that time he abandoned his pet monkey in Germany I mean come on dude -- but that new album is straight 100 fire emoji lit, fam.

So I'm fine with the jersey. But the number ... the number is not OK. I know it's just supposed to represent the year, but ... that's Bobby Clarke's number. It's hanging in the rafters. It is only to be worn by him. Do not give it to a kid with a good voice who leaves his exotic pets in foreign countries.

(Side note: sure looks like the ice is still in at the WFC in that photo right? Weird.)