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Let's check in with Michael Del Zotto's rehab

He's the one broadcasting it over his Instagram!

If there's one Philadelphia Flyer whose off-season activity we're going to know all about, it's Michael Del Zotto. He's got a very active Instagram, and he's not afraid to use it.

While it's cool to see what he's up to, it's even better - from a strictly hockey fan perspective - to see how his wrist rehabilitation is progressing. After all, a healthy Del Zotto is in all our best interests, so knowing he's getting back to that stage is nice.

Well, here's his latest update: shirtless grip strength testing.

Progress being made. Grip strength testing. @jogajana helping repair the body. #whowearsshortshorts

A video posted by Michael Del Zotto (@mdzofficial) on

Did he need to be shirtless? Probably not, but really, who cares? We know Del Zotto's got confidence in spades, and there's clearly some justification for that.

More importantly: it's now been about three months and change since Del Zotto's wrist surgery. He was estimated to be out three-four months, so things seem to be progressing right on time.

Here's to the 2016-17 season!