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Did the NHL misspell Philadelphia on their new hats?

The Philadelhia Flyers.

It's probably a good idea to spellcheck before you put your merchandise together. Or, at the very least, before you put up a promo image of your new product.

See, the NHL has a new set of hats available for purchase. They're the hats new draft picks will be donning just over a week from now: a new design that features blocked coloring, with the team logo on the front, and the team's city spelled out in white lettering on the back.

Except, uh.

They spelled "Philadelphia" wrong.

The design looks somewhat odd in and of itself, at least until you realize what they were going for with the white lettering on the back. But while the concept may or may not work - this is probably down to personal opinion - it definitely does not work when you spell the city incorrectly.

Go Philadelhia Flyers?