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Contingent of Flyers found training in Toronto

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But only four of them - there are some Ontarians left out!

Ah, the off-season: where a professional athlete's main job is to make sure they stay in shape. (And also, preferably, not get injured. That would be for the best as well.)

Well, it looks like we know where at least four members of the Philadelphia Flyers are spending their off-season, at least for now. Claude Giroux, Michael Del Zotto, Brayden Schenn, and Sam Gagner - still technically a Flyer for another couple of weeks - are up in Toronto, training away on Blue Jays Way.

They're a minute walk away from where the Blue Jays play; does that mean we should be on the lookout for any Flyers group outings at Jays games? At least they're in the AL so there's no conflict with the Phillies.

It's not surprising that the four Flyers found training in Toronto are all Canadian - though Schenn is from Saskatoon, so he's clearly the furthest away from home.

And a couple of other Ontarian Flyers aren't found there! Where are Scott Laughton, Matt Read, Wayne Simmonds, or Steve Mason? Not invited? Busy doing their own things? It is a mystery.