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No changes coming to Flyers coaching staff this offseason

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After some speculation that a few assistant coaches could be in trouble, Ron Hextall confirmed that there will be no changes.

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Hextall spoke with the media in Voorhees today, and one thing of note: he’s not making any changes to the Flyers coaching staff this offseason.

Back at the end of the playoffs, Kurt wrote a story detailing 10 big questions facing the team this offseason. And in that story, one of his questions was with regards to the coaching staff. Particularly, we focused on Joe Mullen and Ian Laperriere’s future as assistant coaches given the paltry performance of the special teams units — both in the playoffs and otherwise.

Dave Hakstol is obviously safe after a successful first season, and Gord Murphy is also likely not going anywhere. But could there be moves elsewhere? After a year in which the Flyers' power play and penalty kill were both very up and down before both putting together a dreadful showing in the playoffs, Joey Mullen and Ian Laperriere are guys who seem to be picking up some heat around the fanbase and in the media. Will that last?

Apparently, the organization does not believe that heat is all that hot. So there goes that storyline.