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Kimmo Timonen, one year after retirement

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One day, he might just get back into hockey - with the Flyers.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Just over a year ago, Kimmo Timonen won the Stanley Cup. It was the ultimate silver lining on the 2014-15 season: one that didn't work out too well for the Philadelphia Flyers (Ivan Provorov aside, of course), but worked out as best as it possibly could have for one of the recent longtime Flyers.

Looking back on his Cup win, Scott Powers of The Athletic caught up with him. And while the focus of most of the questions were about Chicago, naturally Philadelphia crept in there a couple of times.

For example, Timonen has been nearby throughout the past season. When asked what he was doing in retirement, Timonen answered:

My son actually coached a prep school called Avon Old Farms. It’s about four hours from Philly, so I was there many of the weekends to watch his games.

But even more importantly, when asked if he was going to get back into hockey, he's hoping to do it with the Flyers:

I think our lives we’re going to be living close to Philly. If I do, hopefully I can start there somewhere. I don’t think it’s time now. My youngest daughter is nine years old. I think I want to be home with her a few more years. Maybe down the road I hope to find something to do because I still love the game.

He's already getting a bit of experience on the management side of things with Finland in the World Cup of Hockey, so who knows - maybe a couple of years from now, Timonen will officially be back with the Flyers, working to win a Cup with them.