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2016 NHL Draft Profile: Max Jones brings high potential and versatility to the table

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Max Jones does a lot of things really well.

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Max Jones is a name that keeps being linked to the Flyers in NHL Mock Drafts throughout this offseason. The big London Knights winger packs a well-rounded game and has some of the best scoring potential outside of the top picks in the Draft.

If the Flyers want someone they can plug in anywhere in a lineup and produce, Jones seems like a good bet to be that player.

Max Jones

  • Born: February 17, 1998
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 201 lbs
  • Team: London
  • Position: Wing

Big size with new-era skill-set

When I wrote about Tage Thompson, I said that he was a power winger with an elite shot. When I wrote about Julien Gauthier, I said that he was a power winger that can dominate down low. Jones seems to fall in between the two as a player. He has the size and build to succeed down low, but not at the same potential level I think Gauthier can. With that said, I think Jones will be a more successful player in a role that can utilize his speed and body, similar to how the Flyers used Scott Hartnell in the past.

Also similar to Hartnell, he plays with an edge that can border on reckless.  His 106 PIMs last year are a bit concerning for a player that London used in a heavy defensive role, but I’m not too worried about discipline for junior forwards. Jones also possesses pretty good speed for a sizeable player. I’m not sure how it will translate in the NHL, but it’s definitely a plus tool in his arsenal.

What you’re drafting Jones for most is point production, and he’s been pretty good at that. Despite playing on a lower line on a stacked London team, Jones still had a fairly successful season, scoring 28 goals and 52 points in 63 games on the season. He has the ability to create from the circles, or power though in the paint, a rare combo in the junior leagues. But while he has a modest weight for his age, I think Jones will need to be a bit more aggressive down low when he reaches the NHL level. His reliance on size wont mean much in the pros, where he will be more closely comparable to the average player.

Will the Flyers take him?

Jones has a lot of plus tools to be successful in the NHL. He can play on a scoring line or a shut-down line and be quite good in either role one day. After the elite players are taken, Jones’ versatility makes him an exciting option for any team outside the top 10. I don’t think many fans will complain seeing him in orange one day.