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Ed Snider's (very nice) California estate is for sale

For just $52 million, it can be yours!


The Philadelphia Flyers' season was bittersweet in every sense of the word. It ended much earlier than any of us would have liked - but at the same time, it lasted much longer than any of us would have expected going in. It was a great season all in all, but ultimately, tinged with sadness.

Ed Snider passed away on April 11, just two days after the Flyers defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-1 in dramatic fashion to clinch a playoff spot. That victory was easily one of, if not the, best moment of the season.

But. Snider was unable to be there himself, spending his last months out at his California estate; the team even joined him at Christmas time.

Said estate is now for sale. For a mere $52 million, you can get it - 9.4 acres of land with both mountains and sea visible from the property, a place he used to entertain family and guests (and the Flyers themselves, evidently) and watch sports via a home theatre and in-house bar (like the Flyers!).

The Wall Street Journal has photos of his estate up as well - and as you could predict, the place is GORGEOUS. Ed Snider knew how to live in style.