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NHL Draft 2016: Flyers trade 120th pick to Islanders for 4th rounder in 2017

Minor trade of draft picks.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

BUFFALO -- The Flyers have made another trade, sending the 120th overall pick in the 2016 NHL Draft to the New York Islanders in exchange for a fourth round pick in the 2017 draft. This 120th pick was the second-to-last pick in the fourth round this year, so there's a good chance that the Flyers will be moving higher than 120 next year with the pick acquired today.

The Flyers originally acquired this pick as part of the Nicklas Grossmann / Chris Pronger trade with Arizona at last year's draft. Arizona completed that trade by a) acquiring this pick from San Jose and b) sending it to Philadelphia this morning. Had they not, the Flyers would have received Arizona's third round pick next year.